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Lauren Hoffman

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the story
"i remember when john lennon was shot: i was three years old and it was a momentous occurrence in our household - a house where music was religion and bob marley, dylan, and the beatles were gods ..."
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listening to:
the everly brothers the very best of,
- and their cover of merle haggard's mama tried
tori amos american doll posse
the clash the clash
elvis costello my aim is true

favorite artists and influences:
jeff buckley, elliott smith, the cure, pj harvey, john lennon, bob dylan, led zeppelin, chopin, pink floyd, cyndi lauper, madonna, maria callas, mozart, bjork, U2, prince, nina simone, the velvet underground, bella morte, tori amos

an inconvenient truth
the corporation
little miss sunshine
why we fight

siddhartha by herman hesse
life of pi by yann martel
ishmael by daniel quinn
middlesex by jefferey eugenides

livid about:
iraq war, no child left behind program, pervasive environmental irresponsibility, unnecessary poverty, lack of AIDS education and prevention efforts []

peace, education, compassion and intelligence wherever they endure

lauren (at)